Alternative Tourism

Those looking to spend a more alternative holiday, seeking to rest, and get to know the local habitat and the wetlands, will find that the area expanding between Araxos and Kyllini hides a natural treasure.

The Kotychi lagoon, perhaps the most important wetland in the Peloponnese is not far from Mare Dei as is the forest of Strofilia, a natural paradise. The region forms a fascinating mosaic of coastal habitats with sandy beaches, dunes where sea lilies grow. It is the largest coastal forest in Greece and one of the most important in the Mediterranean.

Also worth mentioning is the Lake Kaiafa and its famous thermal baths.

Finally, following the footsteps of Pausanias (the ancient wanderer) one finds the forest of Foloi once a home to nymphs, centaurs and fairies, today you can still see the temples of Pan and Artemis.